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Chocolate Excuses

Here are some of the reasons our customers have given us for why they eat chocolate:

  • Because I'm a chocoholic and I don't want to be cured!---H.B.​

  • Because I AM the SWEET CLOWN ! "Cotton Candy " the clown.---N.K.

  • Because it's one of life's greatest gifts! (to give or receive, but especially receive!)---R.R.

  • Because I just had a baby, and I need a little luxury !---L.L.

  • I don't need one. I am 58, have 2 children and 5 grandchildren and if they think it is okay it is fine with me.

  • Real friends don't let their friends eat chocolate alone, they join them! ---S.G.

  • Because you need your morning fix and coffee just doesn't do it.

  • Because it is "that time" of the month.

  • Because everyone else eats it.

  • Because my size 24 jeans were getting a little too loose.---K.B

  • Because I'm addicted to it.​

  • Because it makes me feel so good that I can't stop eating.

  • Because I said so!!!

  • Because THESE are the best chocolates I've ever had.

  • I don't need an excuse, but I make one up when I get caught eating it.

  • Because life is short and we're supposed to enjoy it.

  • Because my mouth made me do it.

  • Because that little voice inside me wouldn't stop until I ate some!

  • Because I love chocolate, that's why!

  • Because it's there.---S.H.

  • Because no matter how bad things are going, chocolate puts a smile on my face (AND A POUND ON MY WAIST).

  • Because I deserve it!

  • Because it will melt in my hand.

  • Because I'm out of Kaluaha!

  • Because if I don't eat them, the kids will, and they don't need them.---B.F.

  • Because I stayed away from it for too long.

  • Because its the best comfort food available.---L.C.

  • Because you know when you send it as a present, it's the best present you can give... it's as good as a HUG!---J.H.

  • Because I bought some when I was in Montana last summer, and like an idiot gave them to my mother, who has begged me to find more. This time I ordered some for myself too!

  • Because there is nothing like dark chocolate truffles, a glass of wine and a bubble bath for two to end the day.

  • Because it was on sale.

  • Because I do a lot of volunteer work and need some sweet relaxation.---M.P.

  • Because all the pounds it puts on me will keep me warn in this below zero weather.---L.M.

  • Because I CAN!

  • Because my blood sugar crashed!---E.H.

  • Because my daughter is a teenager and I need a break.---J.C.

  • Hey, I'm a big boy now and I can eat what I want!---T.S

What's YOUR excuse??? Send us yours and it might get put on our site!

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